The action

The project: "GreenTech: Smart & Green Technologies for Innovative and Sustainable Societies in WB" is focused in the PC included in lot number 2: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro & Serbia. Sustainability is a EU priority. Europe 2020 stresses the need of achieving a smart and inclusive economy in the continent. Today environmental and development challenges are linked both in the EU and WB area. Globalization and fast technological development are rapidly changing the landscape of higher education. Student’ expectations about the new digital world are each day higher and HEIs are trying to follow the track of emerging new technologies that open institutions new ways of global collaboration. Distance is no longer a barrier: using social networks university members communicate faster than ever. The digital agenda is inevitably at the heart of many EU policies and few could deny that new technologies play a crucial role in societal advancement and in opening new employment possibilities for graduates. 

The Green-Tech WB EMundus project will give its 20 full partners and 27 associated members, from 10 different EU countries (Spain, Poland, Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania, France and Italy) (including 9 HEIs who never participated in the Erasmus Mundus action) the opportunity to work in a wider European framework, and in a broader international context. Our mobility plan that includes 153 undergraduate, master, PhD, post-doctorate and staff grants (28 for Europeans and 125 for WB) under target group 1, 2 & 3 is designed around the triangle: cooperation in higher education, research and innovation and under the umbrella of the thematic field GREEN TECH. This proposal promotes European HEIs as centres of excellence in learning and research around GREEN TECH and drives this excellence to multi-ethnic Western Balkan countries to contribute to their better governance and social cohesion, and  further connect the region to the global economy