Mobility Offer

We inform you the 3rd call for applications under the Erasmus Mundus GreenTech WB project closed on the 30th of March 2017.

The mobility management of the GreenTech WB applicants and beneficiaries takes place on our social network. If you want to join us on our social network, click here

The available mobilities for the third cohort call are as follows:

  • Undergraduate from WB to EU
  • Master from EU to WB
  • PostDoctorate from WB to EU
  • Academic/Administrative Staff from WB to EU
  • Academic/Administrative Staff from EU to WB

If you are interested in applying for a mobility grant join the Erasmus Mundus GreenTech-WB Social Network and request membership to the “Applicants” group: There you will have access to all information and documents you need to apply.  You will also find a blog where you can share your comments or questions.